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Lazy Load Blogger Image | Make Your Blogger Load Faster | Download Code

What is Lazy Loading?

Lazy loading is a technique for optimizing your page's load speed by limiting the initial download to what the user needs to see on screen. If you have a lot of content or experience traffic, it can improve responsiveness and make your pages render faster.

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The lazy load was developed in September of 2010 by Julian Shapiro for the sake of Google. Most sites that use this method put boilerplate code on their websites that Google can't read to load the resources when they were needed. As a result, the resources are loaded in browsers faster and save users from the hassles of waiting for slow websites with large amounts of bandwidth usage.

lazy load  blogger Image

A website should load within 3 seconds for a better user experience but According to Google research average loading time of web pages is 22 seconds. To improve your website speed you need to better optimize your Images. 

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In WordPress, you will find many Image optimization plugins like short pixel, Smush, etc but on the Blogger website, you have to manually optimize your images and upload them to your website. 

What is the effect of Lazy Loading on Seo?

Google has always been advising publishers to increase the speed of their websites. They have always released many tools and articles to help website owners improve the speed of their sites. To improve the speed of a website, Google suggests delaying the loading of off-screen images.

This is possible to do with the use of the Lazy Loading Technique. Because images are usually the largest part of the web page and which has a big impact on the speed and SEO of a website.

Generally, Google has always adopted confidentiality regarding the factors of ranking. But, when it comes to a site's speed, Google has publicly stated that site speed is a ranking factor for mobile search. Lazy loading technology is a useful script to make sites load faster on mobile devices.

How to Add Lazy Load Javascript Code in blogger?

You have to follow step by step process to add lazy load javascript code to your blogger blog.

Step1) Login to your blogger account

Step2) Now go to the theme section

Step3) In the Theme section go to the Customize and in customize go to the Edit HTML

Step 4) Download and copy the Javascript code given below.

Download Click Here To Download

Step5) Now In the Edit Section you have to replace your external javascript with the lazy load javascript code.

Why to Paste Lazy Load Javascript Code in blogger?

The reason behind using lazy load javascript code is to load minimum content initially and then when a user scrolls down a page more content will be loaded. This feature will be useful for our blog where we have lots of text with a large number of images. By using this lazy load code blogger sites can load pages more quickly and saves bandwidth too.

Benefits of Using Lazy Load Javascript code in blogger

  1. A huge benefit of using Lazy Load Javascript code in blogger is that it reduces page load time.
  2. Save bandwidth, load times are faster, blog page views are more frequent.
  3. Lazy loading improves the loading time of a blog. The visitors get to see the content quickly after clicking the page. It also minimizes the chance of your website crashing due to high traffic. The users will love it.
  4. It could increase your blog's loading speed by 80%
  5. Your website will experience a large boost in load speeds, especially on mobile devices.

PRO's and CON's of Lazy Loading

Before implementing Lazy Loading on your page, you should carefully consider the pros and cons for your programming and website users.

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Here are some of the advantages of Lazy Loading:
  1. Lazy Loading strikes a balance between optimizing the delivery of content and simplifying the user experience.
  2. Users can view the content of the page very quickly.
  3. Due to faster page loading, leads to better conversions and higher revenue for e-commerce sites.
  4. Use of less bandwidth, which translates into cost savings.

Lazyload Images without Any script

If you don't want to lazyload images with a script then you can use the native lazyloading of the browser. So, in this method, you don't need any javascript code in your theme. You just need to manually add a small code to your image code like loading="lazy".
<img loading="lazy" src="#" alt="image alt tag" />
Adding this small line of code to your image tag helps the browser understand that this image will be lazyloaded. so, after that browser will only load those image when the user scrolls down below the page and reached the image position. This feature is used by most modern browsers.

You can either use the automated script method or the manual method to implement lazy loading on the Blogger website.

If you have any doubts regarding Image optimization or Lazy loading script implementation on blogger ask me in the comment section. Also, Subscribe to our weekly newsletter to get updated on future content that we post regularly.

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