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Viomagz Blogger Template: Premium Free Download

About VioMagz  5.0.0 (VioMagz, Tema Blogger)

In terms of features and advantages, VioMagz blogger theme takes all the best from Evo Magz and makes it even better.

The main difference lies in the design. The VioMagz template design is made more modern and also cleaner according to current web design trends.

Viomagz Blogger Template
Viomagz 5.0.0 Blogger Template

For Bloggers, Use the Viomagz 5.0 Blogger Template. The latest version is available on Currently, Mas Sugeng has updated to a newer version that has been purchased directly through Mas Sugeng, don't worry, you can directly login to the member area at

The Viomagz Blogger Template is one of Mas Sugeng's best templates, actually there are several Blogger templates by Sugeng that you can try besides Viomagz, they are just as good and the prices are different, once you buy it, you can update it forever.

A little experience when registering adsense first using the Viomagz template, you can try those who fail to register adsense using Viomagz, what's more, you have the Viomagz 5.0.0 template, the latest version of September 2022, who haven't tried it yet, you can buy it at Mas Sugeng to appreciate other people's work, don't use illegal ones.

To see the price of the Latest Viomagz 5.0 Template, see the price Click Here

Features/Advantages of VioMagz

  • 100% responsive
  • 100% Responsive on all screen sizes
  • SEO Ready
  • No need to bother messing with the template code for SEO because I have optimized it
  • Fast Loading
  • Fast Loading without sacrificing design
  • Ads Optimized
  • There is an automatic ad slot feature in the middle of the article and below the article to help increase ad CTR
  • Support Blogger Theme Designer Features
  • If you don't like the default color of this template, you can change it as you wish via the Blogger Theme Designer menu
  • Using Schema Markup
  • Schema Markup to help search engines understand your blog
  • Breadcrumb Navigation
  • Auto Readmore
  • Pop-up Search Form
  • Sticky Widgets
  • Related Posts Widget
  • Cool Responsive Sharing Button
  • Numbered Page Navigation
  • Back to Top Button
  • Custom error page
  • No Credit Link
  • Others will follow in the latest version.

Template Pricing of Viomagz Template

If abroad, a template like this is usually priced at 15 to 25 dollars, or around 300 thousand rupiah. For this template, I only sell 220 thousand, but it is possible that I will increase the price in the next versions.

If you are interested in this theme, please buy it immediately rather than the price going up suddenly.

Update History of Viomagz Blogger Template

v.1.0 (04 March 2018)


v.1.1 – v.1.2 (06 March 2018)

Fixed Social Media Icon Colors cannot be changed via blogger theme designer
Added automatic ad slot widget in the middle of posts and below posts

v.1.3 – 1.5 (06 March 2018)

Bug fixes for navigation menu buttons when accessed via mobile devices
Changing the background color of the Featured Post title
Fixed the sloppy appearance of the Popular Posts widget
Fixed the navigation menu and search form transitions being too slow
Fixed navigation menu that sometimes doesn't work
Widget design improvements
and some minor fixes

v.1.6 (10 March 2018)

Bug Fix CSS Widget Label List
Fixed the CSS test strong and bold that didn't appear bold

v.1.7 (17 March 2018)

Loading speed optimization, let it be more wuzz
Improved the appearance of the Featured Post widget
Improvements to the display of related posts widgets
Added ad slot widget above/below the title.
Design improvements

v.1.8 (23 March 2018)

Fixed Sticky Widget not working perfectly
The featured post display is returned like the first version
Related post display changes
Design improvements

v.1.9 (27 March 2018)

Added “Read Also” Widget in the middle of the article
Added Custom Contact Form on Static Pages
Design improvements
Additional guide updates

v.2 (29 March 2018)

Fix AdSense ads in the middle of the article won't appear
Fixed the “Read Also” widget bug in the middle of an article that sometimes just an empty box appears

v.2.1 (30 March 2018)

Fix AdSense ads in the middle of articles piling up on short articles
Fix AdSense ads piling up on static pages

v.2.2 (01 April 2018)

Remove ads in the middle of articles on static pages
Fixed submenu text piling up if the submenu text was too long
Fixed a sloppy header when page-level AdSense ads appeared at the top

v.2.3 (18 April 2018)

Fixed Data Structure Error on static pages
Fixed Navigation Menu not closing on 800px screen
Design improvements

v.2.4 (01 May 2018)

Design changes: Blog title centered on mobile screens
Design changes: Header background and navigation menu color using gradient
Design changes: Popular post widget, labels, link list, etc.
Added the latest article widget feature / recent posts

v.2.5 (29 May 2018)

Ads in the middle of full-width posts

v.2.6 (07 July 2018)

Improved appearance in the layout menu is not neat
Fixed heading font not bold
Fixed text in comments out of bounds
Added a blog table of contents feature

v.2.7 (25 July 2018)

Fixed navigation menu being cut off on small screens
Fix the blog logo which is a bit too small
Thumbnail Ratio Aspect Size Changes Related Posts
Change the Post Thumbnail Size on the mobile screen

v.2.8 (04 October 2018)

Fixed submenu bug on navigation menu
Fixed error display in UC Browser Android KitKat
Support English & Indonesian (change language via settings > Language and formatting)
SubMenu colors can be edited via the theme designer menu
And some other minor fixes

v.2.9 (17 December 2018)

Fixed an error reply comment button
Fixed ad javascript in the middle of the article
Minor fixes to CSS

v.3.0 (07 February 2019)

Replace Google+ share button with Pinterest
Change the new version of the blogger comment form
Fixed whatsapp share button not working on desktop
Change the font like on the blog
Fix blurry youtube video thumbnail
Improvements to the design
and some other minor fixes

v.3.1 (12 February 2019)

New version of Comment Form Improvements
Fixed sticky widget stacking with lightbox
Thumbnail image fix
Fixed JavaScript Ads in the Middle of Posts and Widgets Read Also
And a few other minor fixes.

v.3.2 (27 June 2019)

Google PageSpeed ​​Optimization
Fixed the ad widget in the middle of the article
The ad code doesn't disappear if you re-upload the template
The location of the ad adjusts the length of the article
The location of the ad can be set as desired
The post thumbnail has two display styles to choose from, namely the full width view and the normal view
Fixed close lightbox button closed navigation menu
Update the latest version of JQuery code
The title of the related post is not visible if the label on the homepage uses white text color
And a few other minor fixes.

v.3.3 (13 January 2020)

PageSpeed ​​Optimization
Schema Markup Improvements
Design Refresh
Refreshing Layout View in Layout menu
Replacement of FontAwesome icons with inline SVG icons
And some other minor fixes

v.4.0.0 (02 June 2020)

Update blogger layout version 3
Added Widgets:
Template Setup Code
Custom CSS
Custom JavaScript Footer
Header Navigation Menu
Footer Navigation Menu
Social Media Icons
Footer Text
Optimization of loading speed
Added Blue, Red, Green, and Black Default Color Options
Schema Markup Improvements
Design Improvements
Lazy load feature fix
Improvements to the related posts feature
Fixed the “read also” widget in the middle of the article
Fixed the ad widget in the middle of the article
and some other fixes

v.4.1.0 (05 June 2020)

Add matched content ad code widget
Add in-feed ad code widget
Accessibility improvements:
Displays the outline of the link when the user navigates the page using the tab key
Add Skip Navigation Links
Fixed breadcrumb not showing on static pages
Fixed archive widget not supporting dropdown mode
Fixed share button not automatically closing browser tab after sharing
And some other fixes

v.4.2.0 (09 June 2020)

Addition of html/javascript widget under custom header of homepage
Added white and gray default color options
Meta description code optimization:
Show meta description automatically if the meta description setting is disabled/not filled
Show only meta description on homepage, posts and static pages
Improvements Show contact form widget in sidebar is less neat in mobile version
Fixed list display in posts that are too indented
Fixed the display of post images in the mobile version not being centered
Fixed display of in-feed ads sticking with post labels
And some other fixes

v.4.3.0 (14 June 2020)

Addition of html/javascript widget above custom post homepage
Fixed numbered page navigation feature
404 page title meta tag fixes
Fixed blur profile widget image display
And some other fixes

v.4.4.0 (23 January 2021)

Add twitter cards meta tag
Fix the date that appears in the post does not match the one on the blog dashboard
And some other fixes

v.4.5.0 (01 March 2021)

JavaScript Optimization
Logo header without lazy load
Add loading effect to lazyload images
Add unminified version template file availability (CSS code is not minified)
Fix youtube thumbnail images on related posts that are not aligned in the middle
Fixed the error comment form
And some other fixes

v.4.6.0 (21 April 2021)

Remove auto description meta feature
Update Lazy Load Script (now supports Lazy Load AdSense)
Layout menu display update
Added some social media icons
And some other fixes

v.4.7.0 (10 October 2021)

Fix thumbnail related post blur
Fixed the delete comment button appearing besides admin
Related post thumbnail image update using webp format
Added Telegram share button
and some other fixes

v.4.8.0 (28 January 2022)

Fixed missing article author URL in schema markup
and some other minor fixes

v.4.9.0 (06 September 2022)

Remove JQuery
Add rel=preconnect and rel=dns-prefetch links in
and some other minor fixes

v.5.0.0 (02 January 2023)

some other minor fixes.

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